Pre-assessment – Admissions-Southern Cross University

Pre-asessment checklist

The following application document checklist will assist you to lodge a valid application by listing the documents required. These are the minimum documents required to be issued a conditional offer. We are unable to issue a conditional offer unless we receive all of the documents listed below.

Application stage:
These documents are mandatory and must be provided at the time of application. Where the document is marked **, it should be provided if required.

1. Completed application form (click on the ‘apply now’ button below to fill in and complete the application form.
2: A colour copy of the bio data page of the student’s passport (only the biodata page is required. You do not need to send the full passport)
3: Certified copies of academic transcripts (results and completion certificates, where applicable)
4: ** A certified copy of the student’s marriage certificate (you MUST provide this if the student is married)
5: ** Backlog statement (*These MUST be provided if the student is from a country that has backlogs)
6: ** CBSE admit card (This MUST be provided if the student completed the CBSE from India)

The documents listed above are the minimum documents required to lodge a valid application and receive a conditional offer. For details of all documents that will be required for applicants from your country, including GTE documentation, please refer to our online GTE and Assessment Guide and enter your country in the search box.


A Direct Student Application is lodged via our online application form.

This is for students only. If you are an onshore student or a student from a Level 1 country applying directly to the university without an Agent, your MUST you MUST use the Direct Application Form. (Note: The direct application for should NOT be used by Agents. All Agents should submit via the Accelerate portal below)


Accelerate is an Agent only portal and cannot be used by students.

All Agent applications MUST be lodged via the Accelerate platform.