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Southern Cross University - EduCo Agent Portal

Welcome to the Southern Cross University – EduCo Agent portal. This portal is designed to provide you with relevant and timely updates, resources and training material to best support your students and your partnership with us. Please refer to the portal regularly as your primary repository of information.

Our goal is to help you recruit ‘right fit students’ and for those students to be successful in their academic goals.

A ‘right fit’ student is one who understands and is committed to the academic, compliance and social values of Southern Cross University, including maintaining satisfactory academic progress and attendance, actively engaging with the academic community and campus/student activities and abiding by all visa and legislative requirements of an international student. You can see the full definition of a ‘right fit’ student below.


Click the ‘apply now’ button below to access Accelerate.

Please be advised that applications for the July 2023 intake are now close for OFFSHORE applicants. We are still accepting ONSHORE applications for July. We are now processing applications for Term 5 (October) 2023 and beyond. Please be aware of the admissions cut-off dates an ensure applications are received by the cut-off. Click on the ‘Agent Updates’ button for details.

Please be aware that GTE interviews will be conducted up front and agents will be able to select a suitable interview date on behalf of students. We will send a link to you to select the interview date.