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Right fit students

Defining a ‘right fit’ student is not as difficult as you may think.

Southern Cross University is committed to the success and welfare of our students. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a quality education and support experience to our students as well as giving a ‘second chance’ to students who genuinely seek to succeed in their studies. We understand that life isn’t perfect and that situations sometimes arise that may impact a student’s ability to perform academically and we believe that everyone deserves a second chance. We take our obligation to student success seriously and expect our students to be aware of our expectations of them.

So, what is a ‘right fit’ student?

A ‘right fit’ student is one who understands and is committed to the academic, compliance and social values of Southern Cross University, including maintaining satisfactory academic progress and attendance, actively engaging with the academic community and campus/student activities and abiding by all visa and legislative requirements of an international student. You can see the full definition of a ‘right fit’ student below.

A ‘right fit’ student should be one with the academic capability, drive and commitment to complete their studies with discipline, honesty and integrity.

Further, the recruitment of a ‘right fit’ student should be based on the student’s commitment to meet visa requirements as determined by the Department of Home Affairs so as not to prejudice the university’s standing as a provider of quality education.

We don’t seek academic excellence, only the drive and commitment to achieve the most excellent version of themselves a student can be.