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My application

Understanding the admissions process helps you know what to expect – what you can expect of us as well as what we expect of you to process your application.

The presentation below provides a visual representation of the admission process from application to orientation and everything in between. It includes the actions you need to take at the different stages of the process.

Your application will be processed by the Admissions Team. As usual, reach out to us at if you have any questions about your application.

Do I need an Agent?

Students from Level 2 and Level 3 countries must appoint an approved Agent before applying to Southern Cross University Sydney, Melbourne and Perth campuses.

If your country is on this list, you must appoint an agent.

Underage students

The SCU Sydney, Melbourne and Perth campuses do not enrol students under the age of 18 years.

A student who has not yet turned 18 years of age may lodge an application for admission by completing the relevant application form, however, such a student will not be made an offer of admission for a session prior to them turning 18 years of age, nor shall they be issued a CoE prior to them turning 18 years of age.

The Sydney, Melbourne and Perth campuses do not assume responsibility for welfare arrangement for students under the age of 18 and do not admit underage students.

The application and admission process

Your application will follow the process below:

1. Your application is submitted via the StudyLink application portal
2. Your application is received by the Admissions Team who will conduct an initial assessment to see whether you meet the academic and English language requirements for entry into your proposed course.
3. If your initial assessment is successful, you will receive a provisional offer informing you that you have secured a place in your proposed course.
4. If a Genuine Student interview (GSRI) is required (most students WILL require an interview), your agent will be notified of this requirement after you have received your provisional offer. If a GSRI is not required, your application will skip this step and move on to step 5.
5. Once you have successfully passed your GSRI, you will be issued an official conditional offer listing the remaining documents that you are required to provide to finalise your application. These will include your Genuine Student Statement (GSS), financial and other GSR documents.
6. When you have submitted all of your GSR documents, the Admissions Team will commence assessment to ascertain whether or not you meet the GS requirements of the university. You may be asked for further documentation if required. We strongly recommend that you provide all GSR documents at the same time.
7. After the Admissions Team has completed your GSR check, you will be notified in writing to either submit your acceptance documents and make your payment, or that your application has been denied on GSR grounds.
8. Once you receive notification to submit your acceptance documents and pay your tuition fee deposit, you should submit these as soon as possible.
9. As soon as we receive your signed acceptance form and confirmation that your tuition fee deposit has been received by the University, we will issue your CoE.