Melbourne orientation schedule – Admissions-Southern Cross University

Melbourne campus orientation and enrolment - Term 4 2024

Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 August

Orientation is mandatory and ALL new students must attend all the following sessions which make up the orientation programme:

i. Orientation Presentations from Student Services and the Academic team
ii. Enrolment details and access to university systems
iii. Academic Integrity Workshop

Here is what you need to know

Orientation is the first step in the preparation of your session studies. There are 5 steps in this induction process

1. Orientation

2. Enrolment:
You will enrol into your units, confirm your contact details and access to the university systems:
MyEnrolment, SCU email, USI, MySCU Blackboard, AIM.

3. Attend the Academic Integrity Workshop.

4. Access MySCU/Blackboard and start your studies.

5. Access the following links for new student information on the SCU website:
SCU-FYI FYI Module – Orientation for New Students. Follow the prompts on the side bar: Welcome to FYI, and
then International Students Start Here!
New to Southern Cross University, for handy tips and guidance on starting your journey:
Getting ready to study in the Southern Cross Model – Five Tips to get you started:

6. Complete the AIM module.

How do I prepare for orientation?

1. Diarise these dates and put these days aside. Consider Orientation as the start of your university calendar. You
will need to be present and focused for these days.
Do not schedule other activities or arrangements. Set this day aside as the first step of preparation for your
university journey – take it seriously. Being prepared is the first step to a successful term.

2. Ensure you arrive on campus by 9.00am on Day 1.

3. The presenters will take you through a lot of information – but don’t worry, there is plenty of opportunity to
ask questions, or to have information repeated, to clarify your understanding. You will also receive all of the
information presented at Orientation.

4. Morning and afternoon tea and a lunch break will be included on Day 1.

5. Day 1 is a full day (9:00am–4:30pm) and Day 2 is half a day (3 hours).

Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 August - Term 4 Orientation

Arrive at the campus and register your attendance

(Melbourne time)
Orientation Presentation - Student Services and Program Coordinator.
Morning Tea will be provided.
Orientation Presentation - Academic Services.
09:15 - 12:30
(Melbourne time)
Lunch Break-
Bring your own lunch or you will have the opportunity to purchase lunch off campus
12:30 - 13:30
(Melbourne time)
Update your contact details.
Enrol into your term units.
USI application
Check university systems – MyEnrolment, SCU email, Blackboard.
(Melbourne time)
Academic Integrity Workshop Session 3 (includes afternoon break)

You will receive your Study plan and enrol into your units on this day.

If you have accepted your offer, you are admitted into Term 3 – you will be enrolled for T3 and liable for the term fees.

You may not be deferred once you have accepted your offer and are admitted for T3.
Start time will depend on previous session finish time.
You MUST also attend a second session on Tuesday 25 June.


If you have accepted your offer you are admitted into Term 3 you will be enrolled for T3
and liable for the term fees.

You may not be deferred once you have accepted your offer and are admitted for T3.

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

All Sessions are Mandatory. Students must be present for ALL three sessions on day 1 and 1 session on day 2.
Campus is open Monday to Friday
Level 1, 108 Lonsdale Street
8:30am – 5:00pm