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Sydney campus

The campus, located on the south side of Sydney’s central business district in Surry Hills, is a short two-minute walk from Central Station, Sydney’s largest train station serving both the Sydney Trains network and the New South Wales TrainLink services. Prince Albert Park, a 7.5-hectare urban parkland, is a five-minute walk from the campus and boasts five tennis courts, a kilometre-long exercise circuit, an outdoor heated pool and sustainable landscaping throughout. Parking spaces are limited along Mary Street but the public transport options available make this location very convenient. The campus is also within a five-kilometre radius of Sydney’s notable landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Darling Harbour and the Sydney Opera House. The Southern Cross University Sydney campus offers post-secondary qualifications at the for international students. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, which remains the top destination state for international students with 268,500 international students enrolled at the end of 2016*. The Sydney City council has several programs in place to support international students and provides a comprehensive international student resource guide and student leadership programs providing leadership training, mentoring, skills development and even work experience. The council's support, plus Southern Cross University’s convenient location makes the Sydney campus an ideal place for international students in one of the world's most beautiful and liveable cities. Southern Cross University collaborates with EduCo Sydney Branch Pty Ltd for the operation of the Southern Cross Sydney, Melbourne and Perth branch campuses. EduCo is responsible for marketing, recruitment and agent management of external agents on behalf of Southern Cross University.

Facilities and services

Southern Cross University’s Sydney branch campus is located in Surry Hills on the south side of Sydney’s bustling Central Business District. In collaboration with EduCo, our course options offer post-secondary qualifications for international students.

Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales. Home to more than five million people, Sydney is one of the most beautiful, exciting and liveable cities in the world. Each year, New South Wales welcomes around 200,000 international students.

Southern Cross University’s Sydney campus is a two-minute walk from Central Station – Sydney’s largest train station – which serves the Sydney Trains and New South Wales TrainLink networks.

It’s also just a five-minute walk from Prince Albert Park, a 7.5-hectare urban parkland with tennis courts, an exercise circuit, outdoor heated pool and sustainable landscaping. Parking is limited, but public transport is efficient and convenient.

Sydney’s most famous landmarks – the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and Darling Harbour – are all within a 5km radius of our campus.

The City of Sydney runs several programs to support international students, including provision of a comprehensive resource guide, leadership training, mentoring, skills development and work experience. This support, plus Southern Cross University’s convenient location, makes our Sydney campus an ideal place for international students.

Expenses and transportation

Most international students will arrive in Sydney via Sydney Airport. There are several transport options serving the domestic and international terminals.

Sydney’s public transport network includes buses, trains, ferries and light rail servicing the city and suburbs.

Living in Sydney
Please refer to the Australian Government’s Living and education costs website for a cost-of-living calculator to help you with your budgeting.

Additional expenses
Students may need to purchase or access prescribed textbooks. Southern Cross University recommends that students budget AUD$600 per year to cover costs for textbooks, stationery and other sundry costs. The costs of books vary depending on your program. At a minimum, it is advisable to buy the core textbooks suggested by your lecturers and reading lists.

Accommodation and entertainment

There is a lot to consider when planning accommodation in a new country. The Australian Government provides helpful tips about searching for accommodation. Also, UniStays offers services for private rental accommodation in Sydney.

Entertainment in Sydney caters to a wide range of budgets and tastes, from sport to music, art to cuisine, theatre to film, festivals, exhibitions and much more. Events and entertainment provide opportunities to explore the cultural and artistic aspects of Australia.

When you first arrive, a trip on the Sydney Explorer bus can be a great way to visit different parts of the city. A day pass will take you to see Sydney’s top sights. For more information on this and many other events and attractions, go to the Sydney tourism website.

More information
For more information about studying and living in Australia, go to the Australian Government’s Study in Australia website.