Career edge – Admissions-Southern Cross University

Career Edge program

Our exclusive career readiness and internship program is designed for undergraduate and graduate students to gain a competitive edge in the job market through immersive industry experiences and professional training!

What are the benefits?

Students will:

• Receive extensive employability training from experts to help you gain market insights that will help you in your career journey.
• Gain exposure and establish connections in the industry related to your program of study
• Gain a point of difference on your resume and receive a certificate of completion the modules you complete
• Connect with real employers, gain new contacts, references and networks and improve your future employability.
• Learn about the Australian workplace and build up skills to thrive in one.

What are the stages?

•Full day bootcamp workshop held 3 times per year.
•90-minute webinar held 3 times per year.
•Interview consultation and interviews: average duration 4-6 weeks.
•10-12 week internship placement with an Australian business.
•Online self-pace modules available during the consultation and internship stages to build your job readiness.

Can I start the program in any session?
Yes, you can. The initial workshop session can be completed at any time. However, students can only progress to the later stages of the program in their final or penultimate term.

When will the final year 10 to 12-week internship take place?
The internship placement must be completed after graduation, as it requires a time commitment greater than 20 hours per week.

Is eligibility for Career Edge dependent on my progress in my degree?
No, this program is offered as a value-add, external to your academic progress, HOWEVER, in order to enrol in this program, you need to be an enrolled student and in order to progress through the programme and/or receive your certification, you must not have any university sanctions imposed – e.g. Fee or academic sanctions.

What do I need to do?
You must attend all mandatory sessions in order to progress in the program. In the consultation and interview stage, you are expected to show professional behaviour by responding to your consultant’s communications and attending arranged interviews. You are also expected to complete the online modules contained in your Internship Success Toolkit.

How much will this programme cost me?
There is no cost for students to enrol and participate in this program. This program is sponsored by SCU to enrich the student experience and to add value to the student journey in maximising your opportunities for internship and employability post study. This is our investment in your learning journey. However, students who progress to the final stages of the program will be asked to sign a contract to indicate their commitment, and they may be asked to reimburse SCU for costs incurred if they pull out of the program at a late stage.

Is the final internship paid or unpaid?
All of the experiential activities are training activities rather than employment and therefore do not include salary or wages. As an accredited program delivered by an accredited training organisation, the final
internship placement meets the definition of a “vocational placement” under the Fair Work Act and is therefore lawfully unpaid.