GSR – Admissions-Southern Cross University

Genuine Student Requirement (GSR)

All applicants for a student visa must show that they are coming to Australia temporarily to gain a quality education. The Genuine Student Requirement (GSR) is intended to ensure that all students coming to Australia are coming to gain a genuine education.

How do we assess you as a genuine student?

Your Genuine Student Statement (GSS):

You will need to provide a GSS that addresses the GSR criteria. Your GSS is a very important document and is one of the primary means by which we assess whether or not you meet the Genuine Student criteria. It is strongly recommended that you read before you write your GSS as this document clearly explains what the requirements are to meet the criteria. Your GSS is designed to give us information about your previous study, any gaps in study, your intentions in studying your proposed course and how it will benefit your future, your incentives to return to your home country when you complete your study and your employment options when you return. We strongly recommend that your read our guide to writing a successful GSS.

Your GSR interview:

You may be required to undergo a GSR interview to further assess your eligibility to meet the GSR criteria. It is very important that you prepare well for your GSR interview. We recommend that you read our tips for doing a successful GST interview.