GSS – Admissions-Southern Cross University

Genuine Student Statement (GSS)

Your GSS must be completed in the template at Your GSS consists of 2 parts. Part 1 is a checklist where you need to tick the relevant box with the answer the best explains your situation. In some cases, you will be required to provide further information. Part 2 consists of 7 written responses. Each response is limited to a maximum of 1000 characters, including punctuation and spaces. Your statement should be specific and directly address your personal circumstances and your reasons for studying your proposed course in Australia. You should use this same statement for your visa application. Your statement must be typed, not handwritten.

• stick to the character limit. Each written response is limited to 1000 characters (including punctuation and spaces).
• be specific and to the point. Do not waste words on irrelevant information.
• be accompanied by supporting documents which back up ALL claims made in your responses.
• name all supporting documentation in order of reference and fill in the table at the bottom. (See sample SOP on next page).

Points to be covered in your SOP:

1 Your current circumstances
You MUST comment on and provide evidence of your family, social, cultural, religious, and financial/economic ties to your home country. You MUST support your stated ties with documentary evidence and the evidence MUST clearly demonstrate significant incentives for you to return to your home country upon completion of your degree. *Attach supporting evidence for each claim.

2 Why you chose Australia and Southern Cross University
You MUST show that you have a good understanding of Australia and SCU and the course you will study. Talk about your course structure and any specific units that are of particular interest and that will benefit your future. Tell us about your campus and why you chose it. *Attach supporting evidence for each claim.

3 Benefits of this course to your future
How is your proposed course relevant to your future employment? Show that your proposed course is in demand in your home country. Demonstrate a strong career plan and how this course will help achieve career goals. Include information and evidence of your return on investment (ROI) and the economic benefits this course will provide you when you complete. *Attach supporting evidence for each claim.

4 Other relevant information
Do not leave this section blank. This is your opportunity to provide further relevant information to support your application. You should concentrate on demonstrating how you are a genuine student and show us how much you know about your intended course and its impact in your future. *Attach supporting evidence for each claim.

5 Australian study history Give specific details about ALL study you have previously undertaken in Australia, including when you completed your course on time, whether you completed all assessment, whether you changed courses and /or providers at any time (and explain why). *Attach supporting evidence for each claim.

6 Compare your prospective salary in your home country with Australia.

You MUST compare your prospective salary in your home country with your prospective earnings in Australia and clearly state why you have strong incentives to return to your home country even though your prospective earnings may be higher in Australia. *Attach supporting evidence for each claim.

7 Proposed living arrangements
Explain your proposed living arrangements in Australia and show evidence of research. *Attach supporting evidence for each claim.

When you have completed writing your statement, please fill in the supporting document checklist at the bottom and the financial matrix, scan the documentation in the order you have them listed below with your GSS and financial matrix on top and upload it as a single document. The financial matrix is intended as an indication of your proposed source of funds and should support the financial documentation you provide with your GSS.