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Online community - SCUnited

We are excited to have you join us!

SCUnited is our new social media platform specifically for SCU students and we encourage you to sign up before classes start!

The site has a live chat function, numerous groups (campus groups, nationality groups etc.) for you to engage in. You can join these groups one you are accepted as a member. You could, for example, join your particular country group to get to know students from your country before you commence. You could also join your campus group and connect with students and staff from your campus. You can also create your own special interest groups if you want to. You can ask questions and join forums to connect.

You can join the group at:

Take the first step to your new life at SCU! Join our Ning platform and get connected. Our friendly Admissions staff can also answer any questions you may have – we’re sure you have plenty!

We wish you all a wonderful time at Southern Cross University and look forward to connecting with you through this site.