Update 3 – Admissions-Southern Cross University

The new Genuine Student Statement (GSS)

The Australian Government implemented the Genuine Student Test (GST) on Saturday 23 March, 2024. The GST requirements replace the previous GTE requirements.

One of the major changes under the GST is the removal of the requirement to write a Statement of Purpose (SOP). The SOP has now been replaced by the Genuine Student Statement (GSS), which is now also part of the visa application process.

Southern Cross University has retired its previous SOP template and replaced it with a new GSS template to better align with Immigration requirements.

The GSS comes in 2 parts:

Part 1: General responses.

This section requires you to respond to questions by tucking the relevant checkbox. It asks general questions about your background, such as your previous visa history, your family background and whether or not you have any significant gaps in your study. Some questions may require you to write further information if you responded ‘yes’, however, most questions in this section only require you to tick a box.

Part 2: Genuine student responses

This section consists of 7 specific questions. You are required to respond to each question. Please read the question (and instructions) carefully and respond in the text box provided. You MUST type your responses and hand-written responses will not be accepted. You have a MAXIMUM character limit of 1000 characters per question (including punctuation and spaces) and you MUST respond within the character limit. If you exceed the character limit, we will not consider any information provided after the limit. We recommend that you use the maximum character limit to deliver a comprehensive response.

Don’t waste words on irrelevant information. Look at the question carefully and consider what it is asking you to respond to.

You MUST back up ALL claims made with supporting documentation.

Below are the 7 questions. You will be given only 2 attempts at a GSS. If you fail after the second attempt, you may fail the GST requirement of the university.

Question 1: Give details of your current circumstances, including ties to family, community, employment, and economic circumstances. (Max: 1000 characters).

Question 2: Explain why you wish to study this course in Australia with Southern Cross University, including your clear understanding of the requirements of the intended course and studying and living in Australia. (Max: 1000 characters).

Question 3: Explain how completing this course will be of benefit to you. (Max: 1000 characters).

Question 4: Give any other relevant details that you’d like to include. (Max: 1000 characters).

Question 5: Your previous Australian study history (if applicable).

Question 6: Compare your prospective salary in your home country with your prospective earnings in Australia and clearly state why you have strong incentives to return to your home country even though your prospective earnings may be higher in Australia.

Question 7: Explain your proposed living arrangements in Australia and show evidence of research.