Apply for a visa – Admissions-Southern Cross University

Applying for your student visa

Each application for a visa is considered to be a new application and is processed on its individual merits.

We recommend that you start collecting the relevant documents and making the necessary appointments required for the visa application process at least 4-6 weeks BEFORE you lodge your visa application.

Step 1  

Information about applying for a new student visa can be found on the Department of Home Affairs’ website at This page gives you some very useful information about your visa and how to apply.

The Global visa processing times page will give you some idea of how long it will take to process your student visa. We suggest that you read this page carefully before commencing your visa application.

Step 2

Check the documents you need to apply for your visa by using the Document Checklist Tool at It is very important to know exactly what documents you will need to provide to Immigration. You will be required to enter your country of passport and the name of your institution – Southern Cross University.

Step 3

Once you have accepted your offer and paid your deposit, you will be issued with a CoE. Your CoE is necessary for you to apply for your student visa.

Step 4  

You will be required to apply for visa-length Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) before you apply for your student visa. You can either apply for this yourself or you can request that we arrange it for you.

Step 5

Prepare your Genuine Student Statement GSS).

All student visa applicants will be required to provide evidence that they are a Genuine Student to Australia. This means that you must satisfy Department of Home Affairs that you have a genuine intention to stay in Australia temporarily for the purpose of study. Immigration will assess you against the Genuine Student Requirement (GSR) criteria set out in Ministerial Direction 106. We strongly recommend that you read Ministerial Direction 106 carefully and prepare your GSS according to the information provided there.

We strongly recommend that you attach a copy of the GSS that you provided to us with your application. This will help strengthen your own GSS as it shows the lengths the university has gone to in assessing your GSR status.

You will be assessed against the following GSR criteria:

  • Your circumstances in your home country, including ties to your home country
  • Your potential circumstances in Australia, including ties to Australia
  • The value of the course to your future, including potential remuneration
  • Your employment prospects in your home country after completing the course
  • Your immigration history in Australia and other countries
  • Any other relevant matters
Step 6

You MUST lodge your visa application online.

After you have gathered and scanned all of the documents that support your application, you will need to create an ImmiAccount to create and lodge your visa application. You can either do this yourself or your Agent can assist you with this if you are applying through an Agent. The University is unable to assist you with your visa application.

Information about creating an ImmiAccount can be found at

Note: If you do not provide ALL of the documents requested, your visa application may be refused.

Step 7

You will be required to undergo a visa health check. Make sure that you check your email regularly as Immigration will require you to contact them within a specified time frame if they require further information, such as a health check.

Failure to provide the required information within the time specified may result in your visa being refused.

Step 8

Wait for an outcome on your application.

Remember: You should check your email address regularly and respond to Immigration within the specified times. Your visa may be refused if you fail to act in the time given.