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Your visa

It is the responsibility of each international student to ensure that they have a valid visa that allows them to study in Australia. You should ensure that you understand the conditions of your visa, the consequences that certain actions (such as withdrawing from study) may have on your visa and the expiry date of your visa. If your visa will expire before you complete your course, it is essential that you apply for a new visa, before your current visa expires, to allow you to remain lawfully in Australia and complete your studies. The information below may assist you to understand some of the most important things about your student visa.

If you have not yet applied for your student visa, it is important that you do so as soon as possible. Visa processing times differ greatly, depending on the time of year you apply. At peak processing periods, a student visa application may take more than two months, so it is essential that you apply as early as possible to ensure that you have the best chance of receiving your visa in time to arrive for orientation and commencement.

Read the information about Global Visa Processing times to get an idea how long your student visa application will take.

Simply type your visa subclass into the search box marked ‘Global processing times’ to see how long a visa application is currently taking. If you are applying for a student visa, type 500 into the search box. Your student visa subclass is 500 and you will be in the Higher Education Stream.

You may feel nervous about the visa application process. Don’t be! As long as you are prepared, you should not have any problems. You can read the information at the Document Checklist Tool to get an idea of the documents you will need to apply for your student visa.

Just choose the country of your passport, enter your education provider (Southern Cross University) and select the type of student you are from the list (most will be “none of the above”) and click “display evidence” to see a list of the documents you will need.

To apply for your student visa, you will still need to meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant criteria. It is very important that you understand the GTE criteria and prepare your visa application carefully.